What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Akainu took the strongest attack from WB, the same WB Kaido wanks

Kaido got hit by 1 big punch and now he doesn’t remember the day of the week

Lol it’s too easy
I assume you are trolling?

Why don't you take other attacks into consideration?

KKG was already a city level attack and current luffy is much stronger with adv coc plus adv coa and kaido tanked it like nothing

Current KKG should be comparable to WB's attack which didn't had adv haki as he was making contact with akainu

Bajrung is at least 5 times WB's attack as it is island level internal destruction haki
Admiral boys love to be pedantic about how it is written that Kaido is “said to be” the strongest.

Why did Oda have to say that Kaido is “dead” in such a roundabout way? Why not just have Momo say that Kaido died in the eruption?
Where is Kaido?

Not brave enough to come out of hiding in over a week?

Where is the legendary Zoan recovery?
He was only knocked out no lethal wound so the Magma fucked Kaido up so damn hard that he couldn't come back for more than a week?

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