What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Hxh is the best shounen but not Top 3 all time material imo.
Top 3 would be

Dragon ball z (not super)

Naruto (part one)

Bleach (blood war arc before the ending chapters)

Immediately after or above bleach would be hunter x hunter.

One-piece was number 1 (after dbz for me) during the early parts of one piece to fishmen island arc in the new world). It dipped with WCI and then went back again during zoa. It then went astronomically high during the reverie and then dipped during wano. The reverie was so banger that I remembered people being upset going back to wano so soon
The reason I think this is because Oda implied in an SBS that Akainu > Kizaru > Aokiji and that was the reverse order we met them in (and also matches with Marineford fights and height).

So using the same logic Ryokugyu is probably stronger than Fuji.
I can get behind that
but Oda is doing him dirty if he start a fight ... fuck even Prime Beard can't do shit to wano at this point
he better show some political skills ... now that's a great thing to see ... a top tier with functioning brain
I wouldn't say trash, it had some good unique elements (despite some inconsistent poor logic in the world building and togashi's pathology to be contrarian), but chapter for chapter it doesn't hold up to One Piece.
Gear 2 was revealed in chapter 387, we are on chapter 390 of HxH for reference.
HxH started one year after OP.
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