What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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I am excited for sure but also a little nervous... Even Though Holyland Author is great, Miura just had this allure with his art, so I hope hes able to match it
Go look up the manga duranki, its drawn by miuras editors/studio gaga who are continuing berserk. they capture miuras style almost perfectly
Strawman argument attack, bravo. Show me panel where is stated that Akainu is against CD. I understand why you like HxH that much, you need every detail to be explained to you like 8 year old.

He outwardly called out the world government and the celestial dragons bullshit in the anime and manga. Again carry your amber heard theories else where
Reminder we could've avoided Dressrosa Of The 100 Chapters since Oda originally envisioned Green Bit and DR as 2 separate arcs but apparently he and his editors thought it was a good idea to combine both arcs into a single macro one lol
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