What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Akainu has Lethality. He doesn't even compare to bajrung guns strength
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BB gets 90% credit

Akainu gets K.O.ed by one attack lol where Waido took so many

Why don't you compare defense too?
Papazuki is a strenght monster as well, he displayed such against Shirohige


Oda's accuser
I hope everyone remembers that the VC put Akainu's fruit above Nika in terms of offensive output. We can either be delusional or have to declare everything in the VC fandoms used to hype their favs as invalid.

Akainu has a stronger attack than Bajrang Gun
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Makes sense because even if they had similar power levels Akainu looks the most dependant upon massive offensive output and Papazuki is likely superior PL wise too for now
So two chapters left, then Wano is over, and we start a one month break. Rip awakening. Rip ZKK. Rip Zoros lineage. Rip Ryuma back story. Rip Kaido back story. Rip Ashura Doji and Izo. Rip the 40 other plot threads left open.
I don't think next chapter has to be the end of Wano. In fact, Oda would have to rush things maybe 10x more than he's already rushing and I'm not even sure that is humanly possible lmao
Luffy kid and law are going to have the highest bounty amongst the supernovas.
Hawkins being the 1% guy came to no surprise especially whom he was facing. I wonder if they will get apoo also? Actually now that I think about Hawkins would came out unscathed if he haven't gotten in kid's and killer's way.

Fan service I can do without especially when it comes to yamato specifically because of her personality. She got a hot body not going to lie but her personality is off putting to me at least.

Izo and ashura doji you will be miss
tho seriously this must suck for Marco he already lost his captain then ace, Thatch and now izo. Losing the payback war against Blackbeard didn't make it any better for him. Weevil is offing all of his allies under whitebeard in order to get to him while he had to go into hiding in whitebeard's hometown I believe it is. I wonder what happened to vista and jozu I wonder where they at or are they even alive at this point?

Admiral incoming I wonder what greenbull can do from the looks of the spoilers he seems like a plant type paramecia. Which would explain how he could go about years without food. Will greenbull be a friend or foe but who knows at this point.
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