What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Ragnarok is Here!
Ryokugyu will have the Mythical Zoan Model Gaia, the Earth Titan

he will be able create from his own body any type of plant and also earth / rocks / sand and control it, he will also be able to control it in nature, not just from his own body

His fight against Sanji will be Nature vs Science
One Piece will have Jump cover and lead color pages (Color Spread in chapter 1,053) next week in Weekly Shonen Jump #29/2022.

Jump cover will be related with One Piece Film Red, so probably Color Spread will be Eiichiro Oda poster for the film. And that poster will be presented in a few hours in a special streaming.
Ah yes, another menacing Shanks face to add to my collection

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7 days of timeskip means a lot of flashbacks in the future about how ended Kaido and Big mom. Even how Kin'nemon and kiku healed and webt to flower capital recovered.

Yall need to see this manga with perspective guys
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