What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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It took him 7 days to die. Why didn’t anyone help him
I think that was from the night of the festival, cause right after Hawkins collapsing there's the 7 days-skip

honestly, Hawkins had one of the best character arcs in wano
A tragic and evil/twisted one but one of the best I agree.

Severely injured Nerfed Killer from the Rooftop straight up low diff'd Hawkins and was only caught up by him catching his captain (which would happen to literally anyone loyal so its not a powerlevel argument).

Killer was always commander level outside of Kamazou form maybe :cheers:
One of the best fights in Onigashima no doubt about it, both for choreography and stakes.
And people said Killer saw barely a vet.. :catrude:
How does the wano citizens know about joyboy though ? maybe it's them comparing luffy to ryuma because how ryuma saved wano from the past from a dragon like ryuma
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