What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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By the way Ryokugyu and Akainu talk seems like they want to avoid a open conflict with Wano, so i dont expect him to do anything crazy.

Think Robin is searching the Road Poneglyph and getting copies of the other two (Onigashima and Shogun Castle).

If Ryokugyu try to take Robin and fly away, not only there's Momo with his fruit to fly after him, but another character that can fly and is giving huge death flags, that is Marco.
At this rate just hande luffy WSS title

Oda will make Luffy be comparrd to Mihawk lol
He's already compared with top 2 swordsmen ever : Ryuma as hero and Oden as monster samurai

:suresure:who would have thought someone who doesn't use a sword.. never interacted nor cared about ryuma, will be the one being hailed in similar fashion as sword God Ryuma

Ryokugyu without fear came to Wano while Mihawk never dared to enter the country of swordsman in his life. Says a lot about Sword fags.
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