What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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-Ryuma~Joyboy and both mid diff the Yonko confirmed

-Law and Kid are high commander level but are given the Yonko title

-Ryokugyu hype

Man this must have been a tough day for you Lerkan:suresure:
No answer for Shiryu Lol

I debunked your lies Lari you went silent and delete your posts.

No one even says Kid and Law are Yonko in the chapter lmao its worse than Luffy being fifth emperor

Ryuma-Shiryu>mihawk cry more.
Zoro will be stronger then ryuma but thats got nothing to do with luffy , hes being portrayed as ryuma becasue he saved wano from the dragon same as ryuma did , and if u think killing a rendom dragon = killing kaido................ :tchpepe:
No I just said that both will be new legends and they will surpass them.
I didn’t say EoS Luffy = EoS Zoro
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