What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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This is just sad using pre-timeskip to formulate an argument now I thought I'd seen the lowest forms of cope but this puts even @nik87 the Lik to shame

Must be a hard pill to swallow knowing current Luffy bodybags EoS Zoro's opponent


The Monster Samurai aka Ryuma's rival, Joyboy/Nika, fighting Mihawk be like:

I guess this is Oda’s way of saying WSS > Sword God, huh? :milaugh:
Robin is a 30 year old Adult. Robin is fighter. Robin came to Onigashma. Robin came to Sanji. Robin fought BM. Robin destroyed BM. CP0 didnt do shit to her.

Saying Sanji put her in danger is misogynistic
Robin is cable, but that not change fact that he lead her in obvious trap only because he is to horny to escape.
Now you understand why the counter argument to zkk was "zoro isnt the main character "
this is how oda has been writing his story.
its like a lot of you just started reading op
In thriller Bark Zoro literally had a fight with ryuma, tanked Oars with the crew, fought Kuma, toke ALL of luffys pain from Kuma and survived. That was when Oda still had balls to do something risky with his story and not follow one base formular to the T. Plus NO ONE complained that Zoro overshadowed luffys feats. Post ts its all luffy wank and Oda being insecure anyone could doubt luffys "greatness" so just to be safe every feat is attritbuted to luffy to make sure no one misses his "greatness". Dont tell me One Piece was always written like in Wano because it wasnt. That isn't a valid argument. This is just looking the other way as a luffy fanboy
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