What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Oda could fly to my house and tell me in person and I wouldn't believe Kidd is that strong. He failed to show it in the manga and that's ultimately what matters.
If him coming to your house and telling you Kidd is that strong wouldn’t convince you, then nothing he would reasonably draw in the manga would convince you lol. How strong a character is a lot of times up to the interpretation of the reader. I thought Oda did a fine job displaying that Kidd is strong. Feat+portrayal wise he’s 2nd or 3rd strongest in the alliance. I think that’s made clear.
Nope. It's the correct calculation, actually.

Of the three Zoro bounties, they are usually a little less or a little more than half of Luffy's.

Since Luffy's new bounty will certainly be in the 3.5 - 4 billion range, Zoro having 1.720 billion is possible.

3.5 billion : 2 = 1.750 billion & 4 billion : 2 = 2 billion, of which 1.720 billion are slightly below them both.

It's a good guess, if nothing else.
I am actualy pretty sure nor Kid nor Law are gonna be Yonkou, it's gonna be only Luffy. Now if there is a second one, i feel like it would be someone else who we might not even know. Because i don't see how Kid or Law could be a Yonkou - 1st, they are not on that level, - 2nd, their crews suck ass, literal fodder, - 3rd, they have no territory.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Loving this new OP arc.
Our society has twisted good and evil so bad. Hiyori cleaning Zoro's body while he's injured to keep him from getting diseases and infections from being dirty isn't gross or perverted, it's an act of honest love. If I found out someone had cleaned my body after I had fallen into a coma, I would be happy and thankful.

Do people actually think Oda is implying that Hiyori assaulted Zoro? People act like Nami bathing with a child, Tama, she worked tirelessly to protect is sexual somehow. Stop sexualizing everything. There's plenty of horny stuff in this manga, but not everything is horny. Even Yamato's section in the bath wasn't erotic at all: she was literally just cheering with joy. Just because people are naked, it doesn't mean something lewd is happening.
In all seriousness its the porn addicts/coomers with their brains warped by their addictions to it that cause these irrational assumptions of thiers.

Japan does see nudity as more "innocent/pure" too. To them, bathing together like this is completely normal.

People unironically saying Hiyori assaulted Zoro as someone who was fucking assaulted physically and sexually multiple times in my life growing up makes me fucking sick and furious. They have no idea what real fucking sexual assault is and they are part of the reason it is heavily misunderstood, downplayed and treated as a joke.

Hiyori was acting like a doting lover/wife to Zoro, its an extremely sweet and romantic moment that has been building up since he saved her life and they got to know each other, once she revealed her true self to him and such. Oda even had him and her as pseudo parents to Toko too.

I've seen other series have women tenderly treating mens wounds and cleaning and bathing them as a sign of love and affection, of respect, compassion, sincerity and such. No hidden sexual degenerate intentions or anything else. Series like Rurouni Kenshin, Fairy Tail, I think maybe in Bleach and Naruto too and plenty others I'm sure too.

They are probably the same people who watch shit like Rising of the Shield Hero and Redo of Healer. I think those were both written by women ironically too but I digress. These are the same kind of guys who think women should be removed from games and that Samurai Warriors 4 having an option to remove women entirely is "based".

Fucking incel logic man. You can tell these people don't have much experience with women or at all.

Well said anyway, I completely agree and would react in the same way. I wish someone would take care of me like Hiyori does for Zoro but thats probably never going to happen with my track record and circumstances too. But such is life. Ill be 6 feet under or even ashes one day and it won't matter anymore.

I still felt uncomfortable with the Tama and Toko stuff this chapter but I know its meant to be innocent, its like a baby grabbing their mothers breasts and trying to get milk. I think with Tama, since she lost her parents and had to be alone and literally starving to almost death too, she is probably just trying to be affectionate and hug Nami too and such. Maybe fascinated by her body too in an innocent, child-like manner because children are fucking curious including about all parts of their and other bodies too.

If people think this chapter is bad, then god help them with lolicons, actual "loli" sexualisation in other series, although we've had some questionable stuff in OP too especially in the anime too thanks to Toei. I don't want to open up the Pedora's Box of controversy on here again but we've had shit like Van Der Decken lusting over Shirahoshi since she was a child and making sure his hand is permanently tracked onto her for most of her life now, so he always can "reach out to her" and find her and such.
It is not just about the combat focus, in WCI he didn't fight, his cake was almost useless and he had not a single great moment. He tried to save Chiffon and failed. He tried to save his family and failed. The Tamatebako saved them.
He tried to save Luffy and failed.
He wasn't even the one to design the alliance with Capone.

In Wano he saved Momo, but Zoro saved Hiyori. He fought Queen but Zoro got King. No stealth mission. No meaningful interaction with Drake, the CP0 or the emperors. Zoro showed ACoC while Sanji was able to use a hotter fire, indistinguishable from the previous one. He got nothing over Zoro.

In Dressrosa he wasn't even there for most of the arc.

Oda wasted any single opportunity to make Sanji look cool or even just to give him interesting storylines.
No, Sanji gave his family a second chance, and this chapter introduces the depth of Sanji's background story depicting characters, which has been extended in Wano. The only regret is that he didn't beat anyone, but he did it in Wano
In the year of Sanji, if you expect Sanji to defeat a powerful enemy, you must think Oda has soiled him

It's like Zoro thinks ZKK should happen, but it doesn't
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