What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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It was all jokes and fun, but seeing that Oda explicitly parallels Luffy to Ryuma after Kawamatsu and all the other Ryuma's parallel leading to Zoro really felt personal. This just hurts.
Man this is exactly how I feel now
I wasn't even that sad when ZKK doesn't happen, eh, whatever, just a theory
But this
Holy fuck
Maybe the character assassiation that DrumzT talked about was Zoro's
Holy fuck
A Wano citizen thought Joyboy was no longer in the country. It means that Wano citizens think it is the OLD Joyboy who has beaten Kaido. They are referring to prime Joyboy when they say that he rivals Ryuma. Huge W for Zoro fans. It is explicit that Ryuma=Joyboy and EOS Luffy=EOS Zoro. :cheers:

Lerkan mudded @Erkan12 :suresure:
Lmao Lolo fanboys can't read Luffy was compared to Sword God Ryuma because he is Joy Boy, not Lolo.

What happened to Lakainu btw? :gokulaugh: Still scared that Greenbull is going?

Don't delete your posts ZKK copium breathing troll Lari.
It's impossible in the current condition of the Navy or why else are they repeating over and over again how it's the worst out of all times?

What part of we have no resources to waste on Wano didn't you get?

Kaido and Big mom both fell per the Gorosei. They're confirmed dead.
You do realize the navy is stronger than they were before the time skip?

So what about the current condition of the navy is so weak they can't take on the alliance?

Mind you they just lost thousands of soldiers and have injured fighters
i took a short nap and reread the summary.

does it really means luffy stole the ryuma parallel as well?
noooooo man, anything but this, this is trash.
what does zoro even have left.
has oda finally become retarded.

- ryuma/one-eye/shimotsuki/zoro/black blade parallels:

luffy exists:

if this is true, i'm gonna start reading fairy tail as punishment.
Don't be confused. This is hype for Ryuma and for Joyboy. Which equals to hype for future Zoro.

The spoiler summary said the following:
Citizens: have you guys heard about the guy that brought down Kaido?
Yep the warrior with the name “Joy Boy”!!!
Though I heard that he’s no longer in this country..!!
Man I wish I could meet him..A hero that rivals the Sword God!

The Wano citizen or manga doesn't view Joyboy as the new Ryuma. Instead, it viewed Joyboy a rival. Someone who could face and fight Ryuma. To be strong enough to face Ryuma you must at least have the power to fight and beat Kaido. Ryuma just received a lot of hype from that because now we can compare him to current and previous top tier characters. The days of claiming Ryuma only appears strong because he didn't face any top tier characters are gone.

Kaido places Oden on the same level as Rocks, WB and Roger. Oden was never compared to Ryuma in anyway.

I say Joyboy because that's how the manga views it. Which again proves the manga isn't viewing Luffy as the new Ryuma. Instead, character who can face him thanks to his Joyboy powers. Joyboy is an awakening god Nika DF user.

Oda has already paralleled Zoro to Ryuma.
It would have been nice to have gained more information about Ryuma and for Oda to drawn greater connection and more parallel between Zoro and Ryuma during Wano. Zoro still needs to visit to Ryuma's grave so we could get some more information next chapter but I'll think there's enough time. If it doesn't happen that's fine Oda is holding off until the next saga that deals with the admirals and world government. Ryuma would have been an enemy of the world government. He was the one who stopped them from taking over Wano.
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