What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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From a writing perspective, no new Yonko should be declared as the current Yonko fall and the OP world is thrown into complete upheaval. The existence of the Yonko is a contributor to maintaining the balance of power, when the entire purpose of Luffy’s generation of Pirates being the “Worst Generation” is that they are a group who has been uprooting the power balance and the old systems of power.

Declaring three of them to be new Yonko not only makes zero sense from the criteria Oda has established for the title, but it also goes thematically against every aspect of the Worst Generation that Oda has been illustrating in his own mediocre way.
There's never been any "official" criteria for a pirate becoming an emperor. The emperors were merely the strongest pirates in the new world.

Yes, Teach needed to beat the WBP and steal their territory to prove himself, but its also worth mentioning why that is. Teach never proved himself in marineford. He was shitting his pants against a near death whitebeard and needing his entire crew to shoot WB to death. Pre-payback war, the strongest person BB defeated was Ace.
2v1ing big mom is a bigger feat than pre-skip Teach or post-WCI Luffy, which is why its emperor-worthy.
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