What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Didn't know you were alsso a ZKK believer
Ive been for more than 2 years now.
Guys I don't know is okiku a she or he now based on her talk it seems she is a girl but she said also she is a man with a heart of woman and the vivre card says she is a male
She refers to herself as a she, the rest doesn't really matter imo.
i may decide not to look for 1053 spoilers… i am too hyped for yonkos and bounties

my predictions -
yonkos: luffy, blackbeard, shanks, buggy, kidd
luffy 4,5 billion
zoro 1,5 billion
sanji 1,4 billion
robin 1 billion
jinbei 800 million
franky 400/450 million
usopp 300 million
nami 200 million
brook 7 billion
chopper 100k
yamato 750 million

kidd 3 billion
law 2 billion
If only chapter follows this way.
Wyuma :finally:

Big L for us Zoro fans, but let's not forget what our man achieved in this Wano Country story arc. He permascarred Kaido (aka WSC) and defeated his powerful RHM. It's an amazing performance after all, isn't it? Let's wait for the bounties now.
Kaido shrugged of the scar like it was nothing, heck he didn't even get to his knees. Thats what zoro wanted.
King knocked out zoro once in there fight. Heck most of the fight manhandled him. His 'acchivments' are gonna get overshadowed by Luffy, law and kid achievement
Yeah I think Zoro needs to Fully Master King of Hell and then if he fights Kaido he will win.

But in time limit he will Lose.
Zoro basically has Yonko level Mode but only for like half and hour.
Same with Luffy really but he actually has better feats.

I think replace Luffy with Zoro against Kaido and he will more or less get the job done as well.
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