What will Greenbullโ€™s Devil fruit be?

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Zoro: on the other hand we arenโ€™t that dirty
Hiyori: thatโ€™s because I have been cleaning youโ™ก Are you happy about that? Hehehโ™ก
Sanji: Mosshead I have got a word for you!!
(Sanji: After the fight, if Iโ€™m not in the right mindโ€ฆI want you to kill me)
Zoro: oh youโ€ฆI remember nowโ€ฆ
I came back from hell just so I could kill you
So he actually went to hell?

Not zkk but something else is coming. Luffy got compared to Sword god which makes no sense. sword god and sun have nothing in similar to be honest. and greenbull is on the way.
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