What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Oh my god three fucking deaths so a total of 15 deaths in this whole conflict(Vergo, Monet, Pedro, Perospero, Ashura Doji, Izo, Maha, Mr Go, Hawkins and mfing Kaido) RIP😭😭😭
I say this as a Sanji and Yamato hater

can you imagine how much more hype it would be if Green Bull showed up in the night of the raid, with both Zoro and Luffy down

Kidd and Law tired asf

and Yamato and Sanji are the only ones left to try and fight Green Bull?

that would be hype as shit
Yeah he already did something like that with Kuma, don't expect Oda to do it again
Since 2021 I considered the hypothesis of Ryukugyu coming.
In that case he would've been the one to restore the country and most importantly make the Onigashima relict become a large green mass full of plants and life, instead of the menacing, semi-destroyed skull it is right now.

This because I've always assumed that Onigashima would have landed right near the Capital (like most of us, probably) and a solution was needed.
This also ties with my belief in ZKK, btw.

Momoron has no basis to refuse GB, but ZKK means that the Wano that WG has wanted for literally hundreds of years and just finally got will literally worship a pirate as their God and the pirates therefore influence so important a land.

@Money D Malio

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