What will Greenbull’s Devil fruit be?

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Shimotsuki Ghostly

Will take Chat GPT requests. Viva La One Peace.
Yeah. Law is the perfect candidate for this.

And he's also a "D", so that adds to his threat level.
Aye absolutely. I feel Oda was setting up something big with his conversation with Sengoku and also him talking to Robin at Wano too. Oda definitely has major plans for him.

We also don't know what happened at the Rocky Port incident yet too AFAIK?

Me and my friend feel he would align with Sword so well too. It would explain why Oda had Drake free Law too.
Yeah absolutely, I was just comparing the similarities but obviously Robin had it much worse. She had a blood hunt on her since childhood and narrow escaped literal genocide that she was meant to die in. The WG wants her dead regardless.

Robin was completely alone and having to fend for herself since childhood. I don't even know how she managed or the hell/trauma she must have endured too.
Tbh Robin's past was so f***ed up. All that little girl wanted was to read books and learn and then she was hunted for it. I hope the WG guys will receive a fitting poetic justice for all that s***.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Will take Chat GPT requests. Viva La One Peace.
And 97 kids more :pepeshy:
Needs to defeat Big mom
Nami when she hears one of her biggest fans wants her to have almost a 100 children:

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All those theory just to found out Dadan is Nami's mother
Namis mother

Odas bad future 60yo Nami kinda reminded me of her but evil too lol.

Dadan is way too goated though seriously. I loved how mad she was at Garp and beating his ass.

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