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|One Piece Chapter 1053 Spoiler Summaries and Images|

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Chapter 1053: “The New Emperors”
- Color Spread is dedicated to One Piece Odyssey videogame.
- The new bounties of Luffy, Law and Kid are 3 billion Berries each. The image on Luffy’s Wanted poster is Gear 5.
- Hitetsu is revealed to be Kozuki Sukiyaki. Robin talks with him and says that Pluton is in the Land of Wano.
- Ryokugyu’s real name is Aramaki, he can create plants and he can absorb people’s nutrients, we saw him using this against King and Queen.
- There’s a big party in Flower Capital, there’re fireworks.
- Kid arrives at the party and shows Luffy the newspaper.
- The 4 new Emperors are revealed: Shanks, Teach, Luffy and Buggy.


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Translation, thanks to @PuckTheGreat
"The World Government placed an extraordinary bounty of 3 billion berries on each of the 3 Pirate Captains!!"
"Monkey D. Luffy, Eustass Kidd & Trafalgar Law!!"
Greenbull : This Sake is way too bland…Make sure they age it properly!!
Greenbull : Turn one of the battleships around!!
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These are the new rulers of the sea! ‘The 4 Emperors’!!!
Red Hair Shanks
Buggy the Genius Jester
Strawhat Luffy
‘Blackbeard’ - Teach
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Fodder: King-san! Queen-san!!

Queen: Owaaah!! I'm the type who doesn't lose weight on purpose!

Ryokugyu: I told you to stop right!? I would lose my face if i lose to a mere commander! The navy don't have military power to 'clean up the aftermath' right now... As i've predicted you guys...
better translation:

...ahh ugh...


Queen: "Aahh!! I'm not the type to lose weight!"

Greenbull: "Shut up!! Didn't I just tell you that now? I'd lose my head if I got stood up by an executive. The Navy doesn't have the strength right now to clean this mess up that you guys made.. you guys are just like I had expected..!!"

glug glug glug (coming from his weird root thingys)

den den mushi buzzing sound pururururu greenbull gasps (in the context that you just like chugged some water / booze) (edited)
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