What the best thing in the chap ?

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It confirms yonko were never strongest pirates you TURD
Meaning Zoro > Big Mom is a fact now

Pound for pound and stat for stat
He SHITS on her

Speed: Zoro >>> Big Mom
CoA : Zoro >>> Big Mom
CoO : Zoro >>> Big Mom
CoC : Zoro >>> Big Mom
Physical strength: Zoro >= Big Mom
Durability: Okay that's only stat Big Mom

Zoro blitzes her and kills her
Mid diff
Shitfull mind
we don't know that. even after using awakeing those two mfs were ready to die while fighting. just defeated a yonkou and went to other two. also they aren't passed out like luffy zoro.

Kaido bodied luffy many times already.
we know you love luffy. and I accept luffy is stronger than those but not a by very big margin. i trust in oda statement. Haki blooms in battle if those two unlocks adcoc. they are easily on par with luffy. don't downplay those two. Luffy won only due to Plot armour. who wakes up after getting beaten twice and killed one?
law and kidd never got koed in the whole arc.
1. Zoro took a combined yonko attack procceded to cut prommethus and then proceeded to permanently scar kaido.

2. Luffy after being damaged by ragnorok got up and kept fighting kaido learning advanced coc.

Kidd and law has literally nothing to this even when more healthy than the other two. So no they were doing no better agaisnt kaido


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- Luffy and Buggy are the new Yonko. Not Kid and Law.
- Luffy, Kid and Law all have the same bounty
- Buggy and the Straw Hat bounties aren't revealed.
- The Wano Country Arc hasn't ended yet. We're still in Act3
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