What the best thing in the chap ?

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Lazy is the way
3. Infact they had home court advantage since that's the world governments turf so your point don't stand
Yeah it stands. You think Fuji could have gone full meteors on MG and destroy the place ? Not at all. Especially risking everyone lives around.

Admirals had restrictions.

1. And the other 3 were fodder. Unless you telling me those other 3 strong enough to do what king and queen couldn't.
I fully think King and Queen are needed here. King was badly hurt, sword broken and is missing a wing. Queen was badly hurt and is missing an arm. And they both didn’t know Greenbull so maybe underestimated him.

Against full health and full focused King and Queen I don’t think GB could have fooderized them like that.

Morely, Karasu, Lindbergh are likely lot less weak than you think.

2. Wasn't a sneak attack. They attacked a place and was given permission to go full throttle again the enemy
Yeah and enemies didn’t expect them at all to strike.
They were hidden on the walls etc.

Sabo is strong but in DR let’s not pretend he was low top tier or something. He didn’t really master his DF and his fight with Fujitora wasn’t a death match.

Admirals in MF we’re much more deadly/serious
Any new info?

Like any explanation on king and queen appearing?

Seems this whole chap is going to be bounties gags and GB wank.

That would be fine if it weren't that we are about to enter a fucking 1 month break.
Zoro once he got acoc legit destroyed King lol

Hes not stronger than an admiral but hes still crazy strong anyway
that applies for Sanji as well he destroyed Queen even faster once he got his power up.
King at least resisted more. Queen could not make any extra attack once used Ifrit Jambe. if you want to hype Zoro for that be fair to do the same for Sanji as well.
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