What the best thing in the chap ?

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the WG couldn't cover that 2 yonkos were defeated but they are trying to cover up that Luffy was the one who defeated Kaido alone (more or less) so they are giving Kid and Law more credit than they really deserve.
so don't mind the bounties that much. after that they might even give Zoro and Sanji < 1B bounties.
Those bounties make no sense whatsoever.

Luffy starts at 1.5 billion, the other two at 500 million.

Those two barely manage to push BM off Onigashima in a 2 vs 1, not even knock her out/defeat her with their own powers btw.

Luffy convincingly defeats Kaido in a 1 vs 1, while awakening his God DF that the WG was afraid of for 900 years.

"Yeah, all of them 3 billion"

And why tf is Luffy emperor then and the other two not?

Oda lost it.
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