What the best thing in the chap ?

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luffys bounty poster being gear 5 doesn't mean much given that literally no one other than the WG knows about the real fruit. Although Luffy's bounty still should have been higher
What in the fucking world is this chapter?

How can the World government give the same bounty to Luffy, Law and Kidd:
- Luffy is a yonko but not Law and Kidd
- Luffy's bounty poster is LITERALLY gear 5 (NIKA = JOYBOY)

Are you seriously telling me that it's normal that:
Law and Kidd barely beat Big Mom: +5b (+2.5b each)
Luffy defeats Kaido and is JoyBoy/Nika: +1.5b
don''t try to find the logic here...he is just making a parallels with dressrosa arc where Luffy and Law shared equal credit in the defeat of doflamingo...
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