What the best thing in the chap ?

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Luffy is still stronger than them, has a stronger crew and grand fleet.

They don't.

But the bounty increases don't make sense agreed
Who cares?

I want to make sense of this writing decision.

The WG knows that, too, btw.

So why on earth would they give Law and Kidd a 3 billion bounty, too?

Their crews are garbage and individually they can't compete with Luffy, like you said.
So basically the last bounty increase Luffy got was useless, and Kid and Law are far more dangerous than Luffy since they have the same bounty as him while not having a fleet of 5000+ men, the most ridiculous fruit in the world, or even just a decent crew. And let's not forget BB and his 2.2 billions.

Well kid is dangerous. He massacres people who laugh at his dream. Mass Crusifies pirates who he considered cowards , he has no fear or issue going against 3 yonko (shanks, Kaido,lilin) and defeating one. And is strong enough to back his talks. His right hand man killer got no issues going after a child to kill either. They are strong and dangerous. So ofcourse Kidd will have high bounty

Law has a very op devil fruit. Took part in the tail end of marineford war and escaped. Was an ex shichibukai and is known for cruelty like taking 100 hearts from pirates. Currently In alliance with luffy and has taken down a yonko . Ofcourse he will also have a huge bounty
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