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I'll be disappointed if Ryokugyu's DF isn't comparable to Hashirama's Mokuton. Creating plants and extracting nutrients is nothing special. Smoothie can extract all of your liquid. Crocodile can also suck you dry to leave you behind as a mummy. Extracting nutrients isn't that crazy.
Reminder that as Chad as he is, Ryokugyu avoided a confrontation with Fujitora saying that "he'd rather not"

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I can't wait for unrestrained Fujitora, most downplayed top tier of all time even though anybody that isn't retarded (so yankers are excluded) realize dude is holding back massively because he's too kind with filthy pirates.
I love how you cut out the text bubble that literally explains the context of why he didn't want to fight him, because destroying the holy land in a scuffle is a brilliant idea right?, especially while royals are present. Not only did GB have no intention of kicking Fuji out, he gave the guy food. They were clearly having friendly banter, but I guess the agendas have begun, time to misconstrued everything.
(forgive me if this was posted already)

Last Name :

Last Name in Japanese Kanji(Hiragana) :

Meaning :
荒 meaning laid waste, rough, rude, wild./ 牧 meaning breed, care for, shepherd, feed, pasture.

Linguistic analysis... GOOOOO!

So, laid waste/rough/wild works, based off of Green Bull beating up Queen/King. We've also seen him to be a bit loose/rude ("I'd eat if a pretty girl fed me, though").

Then, breed, feed, pasture... Welp, looks like Green Bull is going to regrow Wano, after all.

(https://culturetour.net/japanese-last-names/aramaki1970) Here's the link if anyone wants to fact-check, my Japanese is shoddy at best.
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