What the best thing in the chap ?

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Akainu says in this chapter that Greenbull is much stronger than him or the other Admirals.
And that it's probably because of his bloodline, he could have even challenged the Pirate King Gol D Roger
They don't deserve 3 billions. Luffy had 1.5 billions and, even in the best scenario for Kid and Law, he was just a bit below them while having a massively stronger crew and a fleet of 7 pirate captains and 5000 men.
no doubts Luffy deserves higher bounty , but the WG covers it up. if they gave Luffy a bounty based on the danger he poses for them. he will get 10b+ bounty or limitless one :D
i mean he has the biggest alliance , a monstrous crew , a God DF , has Robin , has monstrous haki , VOAT etc.
has many commander level characters who would love to die for him. has a brother who is about an admiral level , has a father who is a yonko level and all of them are friendly to him and would help him.
I doubt anything will happen....Robin will just mention and that's it...Most probably WG will get its hands on it...or Momo might bring it when opening borders...
Though now we can move on to uranus and hope it will be good.
If this chapter is only about the bounties and Buggy reveal i would find it lame though. I expected something bigger for the 1 month break
Those bounties make no sense whatsoever.

Luffy starts at 1.5 billion, the other two at 500 million.

Those two barely manage to push BM off Onigashima in a 2 vs 1, not even knock her out/defeat her with their own powers btw.

Luffy convincingly defeats Kaido in a 1 vs 1, while awakening his God DF that the WG was afraid of for 900 years.

"Yeah, all of them 3 billion"
If we pile up all the things that Luffy has, then that bounty becomes even more ridiculous. Lol.

1. Luffy has an actual fleet
2. Luffy has arguably the most powerful pirate crew–maybe with the exception of Blackbeard pirates.
3. Luffy has the DF the world government fears–a direct threat to the world government.
4. Luffy has Robin, who is the only one who can read the poneglyphs, plus the WG is actively trying to catch her–she's a direct threat to the WG too.
5. Luffy's father is the revolutionary Dragon and his Brother Sabo etc.
6. Luffy defeated Kaido in a 1v1.
7. Luffy has territories and allies.
Damn I don't know what to think about it. I don't care much about bounties, but Luffy's one seems a bit low. I thought at first it would be to not bring too much attention on him, but since it's G5 picture...

Buggy being emperor, I hope it's not "just" a gag, and that there is some explanation behind it like a very big fleet, I would hate seeing the Yonko title becoming insignificant.

Seeing the admiral being strong is nice, even if I hope King don't die, I would like to see what's his (and the lunarians?) connection to JoyBoy.

Pluton in Wano is a big reveal and it's sad we'll have to wait so much time before knowing more, at least it's summer time. I wonder where that big ship is supposed to be.
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