What the best thing in the chap ?

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About Law and Kid bounties.
Law got the same bounty as Luffy in Dressrosa because they were allies.
Same thing happened here, but Kid got carried because the WG assumed he was an "ally" as well, despite Kid actually desiring to do his own thing and crying about being betrayed by Apoo and Hawkins.

No matter >how< Oda drew their fights, in the end these 3 defeated the Yonko alliance worth 8.99B berries.
So their alliance getting a total of 9B to symbolize that "makes sense".
But about the Yonko title, as people have been saying for quite some time, it's not about pure strength. It's about a political and military influence around the New World. Law and Kid do not have this. Luffy does. Luffy is gonna claim FI as his territory, probably Wano as well, even Zou. He has his GrandFleet and dealt a significant blow to BM's influence inside her main territory, Tottoland.
So it makes perfect sense that Kid and Law, despite getting a good bounty, DO NOT get the Yonko title. This would the actual retarded decision.

About Buggy, Buggy is Buggy. Dude's a force of nature. Dude's been like that ever since Impel Down. Not sure why people are suddenly surprised about it.
Finally some non-biased post....lol....anyways...initial reaction of WG was always "surprise" and then once everyone cool down, they start to think....or just go with their respective agendas....
all depends on perspective and context....we left those things long back...this forum runs solely on agenda....so context that their agenda will be the "correct" way to read....:kayneshrug:
if I was looking only at agenda
I would be happy with this chapter
admirals look great atm

conclusion of this arc continues to trend awfully.
absolutely no defense for it.

I really want to make sense of that bounty decision, but there is just nothing - NOTHING - that justifies it if you look at it from an objective standpoint.
There actually is! As I've already mentioned in my earlier post, Oda probably feard that he would ran out of future bounty hype if he gave Luffy the bounty that he deserves. Say whatever you want, but people still get hyped about the new bounties. Oda can't increase Luffy's bounty forever, he can't go to 6,7,8bill etc. So he had to limit his bounty for future arcs like Elbaf for example–not the best choice, but it is what it is.
I'll be disappointed if Ryokugyu's DF isn't comparable to Hashirama's Mokuton. Creating plants and extracting nutrients is nothing special. Smoothie can extract all of your liquid. Crocodile can also suck you dry to leave you behind as a mummy. Extracting nutrients isn't that crazy.
Give it a chance. It has soo much potential to be insanely OP.

- Unlimited stamina
- Instant recovery and healing
Ill stop rooting for zoro from now on and you guys better do so because oda has totally failed zoro

From ryuma being compared to Luffy, to zoro being compared to sanji despite all the hardword and adv coc, and many more

I know Oda doesnt genuinely hate zoro, its just that Odas dumb, tho i know theres a slight possibility that Oda might work it better in the future, but i remind you, its fricking Oda
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