What the best thing in the chap ?

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I don't remember hashirama doing anything crazy with his wood
it only hit hard and that's it. I never got the hype
Covering the landscape with wood, crushing everything with tendrils, creating huge statues towering above mountains and pummeling you with 1000 fists and other creatures, creating flowers with spores that put you asleep, absorbing energy (what might be Ryokugyu's nutrient absorption), clones and probably other stuff I don't remember. Powerful and versatile.

I mean we already know Ryokugyu has a plant based ability. We just talk about scale here.
Okay, this more painful to absorb than the death of Izo and Ashura. I mean, seriously? Just 3B for Luffy after defeating Kaido and he's even in an equal amount as Kid and Law. Usually, Luffy will receive a bounty at least 30% larger than the bounty of the person he defeated. At this arrangement, it is as if they didn't defeat 2 Yonkou but merely their commanders.
My God the toxicity here is way more than Reddit . Chapter , nay the full spoilers are not even out yet , and every hater out there says King is fodder and Zoro fans were wanking him . For fucks sake , wait for the chapter to be released to actually see what happens and then say what you want to say . And Fyi , admirals should naturally be stronger than Yonko commanders . Yonko and admirals are the top of the verse . King and Queen winning against an admiral would make 0 sense.


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Maybe the landscape was engineered? Remember the "continent puller"?
Yeah, i can see the continent pullers getting the regions of Wano, those up there in the plateau

but not the plateau itself, it's way too big

and there's also the waterfalls and fish swiming up

if i had to guess, some Poseidon back in the day had a hand in it

maybe asking the fish to do that

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Man, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to desperately attempt to convince yourself that Kaido’s feats were good, only to have an Admiral overshadow those very same feats the very first chapter one returns to the manga lmfao.

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