What the best thing in the chap ?

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the defeats of kaido and esp big mom was so anticlimactic
she was completely conscious until she fell into bombs

you want to give kidd and law an equal bounty to luffy,
how about you do a better job giving them feats that are totally deserving of that number .
you have luffy take on the strongest pirate mostly in a 1v1
you essentially retool his fruit to make it one of the most broken in the series
have the wg plot to eliminate him before he awakens it . he awakens the fruit , take down kaido, they acknowledge joyboy has returned and you attach a similar government threat (bounty) to all three?

turn around and in turn make buggy an emperor so then the accomplishments of those two now feels weird. Too many characters I suppose so their crews did fuckall most of the raid. I guess the wg ships after the emperors fell just casually waited outside for 7 days doing absolutely nothing giving enough time for the alliance to recover. Not sure why bm pirates came anyway.

could honestly go on .

oda isnt trying to make sense
he is having a lot of fun with his story
Maybe the island of Wano is Pluton.
If that's the case I wonder if that volcanic eruption caused my Kaido and Big Mom sinking below could cause a chain reaction and awaken it. Better yet, if it is a ship imagine Luffy charging into Mariejois with it lmao. We know Franky would want to play with such a thing after we see him marvel at the blueprints.

Wano is in Act 3, what is going on...
It is as if they sum Kaido and Big Mom's bounties then divide it to three in which they distributed to Luffy, Law, and Kid.
Luffy's bounty is too undervalued despite the three factors that makes him the most dangerous enemy of WG right now.
1. Sun God Nika
2. RA connection.
3. Lastly, being the man right now closest to OP.
Luffy should have at least got WB's bounty.
Makes Luffytards seethe beyond words.
Makes Zorotards seethe beyond words.
Makes OPtards seethe beyond words.
Zero Allies.
Zero Plot Armor.
Zero Plot Convenience.
Zero Asspulls.
Zero OP devil fruits.
Zero Screentime.
Zero characters constantly wanking for him.
One (1) strong crewmate.
Why would Zoro fans be upset, he's not a captain. What an OPtard? What's a Luffytard someone who watches One Piece?

Maybe a GoodplotTard is what you meant.


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So Robin already knew Pluton was in Wano back in Alabasta arc
But she never talk or hint/show reaction about it when the crew began heading towards Wanokuni.

The story right now has no function and basic flows.......jezzz
it's pretty messy, yeah

Robin has a lot of this stuff

not talking with the others

like her knowing about Sabo and Dragon for example, so weird

Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
I’m not gonna lie Greenbull is my second favorite admiral right now just for ending a 7 year drought of no admiral combat feats.
I haven’t even seen his face yet and he’s already earned a special place in my heart.

Remember when people thought Fujitora would lose to old Rayleigh lol? Oh man. This is going to shift the dynamics in casual discussion for sure. You will have many people now moving to the Admiral = Yonko team, many of @Red Admiral ’s subscribers still believe Marco >= Kizaru, imagine their faces after this chapter lmfao.

Sure the usual deluded WorstGen crowd won’t budge, but many, many casuals will. Not that team Chadmiral has ever cared for the appeal to majority fallacy, but Yoncuck fans cling to this fallacy for dear life since they horribly lose every single debate with Admiral fans lol.
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