What the best thing in the chap ?

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I'm not saying power-wise, but in terms of relevancy. Oda giving them the exact same bounty shows he views their relevancy to be high, and thus aims at them still playing a huge role in the final arc. They won't be as strong as Luffy, but at this point, it won't be unexpected if they contributed in taking down the world government top dogs
We might even get Kid and Law taking two Admirals instead of straw hats. Two actual future top tiers


Funny how Zoro now has arguments to fight either Kizaru, Fujitora and Greenbull (sword and shit) :pepebusi:
While Sanji has arguments to fight Kizaru and Greenbull (light kick and woman and food and shit) :pepebusi:
The match up threads for the ADmirals are gonna be more wild than the Calamities match up thread
it's gonna be glorious. Even more so when "my admiral negs diff your admiral" starts for real.
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