What the best thing in the chap ?

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@Lebrent be like

chapter 1053: cope mfers
- makes Buggy a yonko
- gives Luffy, Law and Kidd the same bounty of 3 billion
- Yamato is not joining
- btw pluton is in wano
- here ur some fireworks you mfers
- a shadow appears
- the shadow is revealed to be Akainu twerking on Zunesha
- dips for 1 month
He has shown the use of flames like Kaido did. In King's case it was even compared to Magma.

That's only if you use conventional means to hurt him. Plus he has to turn that shit off for his speed.
King no selled an Adv CoC infused attack from Zoro because of his gimmick. His durability can shield from such strong attacks even.

Not a factor, I doubt that other YC are physically weaker than King. Also king is Zoan user so...
His base stats must be higher imo
Pluton is in Wano? Pluton is a ship right? Maybe Zuneesha is the Pluton.
Luffy, Kidd and Law having the same bounty is ridiculous man. Really bad move.
Hitetsu being Sukiyaki is a nice and expected surprise! Hope he guides Momo on how to become a shogun
Oda really had to end wano in a mess, all luffy did just for him to have the same bounty has Kidd and law
What happened to
1. His 5000 crew member
2. His personal crew
3. His achievement
4. His previous bounty(1.5)
Just for kidd of all people to have to have the same bounty has luffy. I still had hope for the arc but it is ruined for me I really think I need that 1 month break and I now know how zoro fans feel.
Ahhhh feels so good to be vindicated.

Remember when I translated Garp’s speech about the yonko and the forum’s resident glue-sniffers refused to believe it?

“B-but Den Den! 大海賊 means strongest pirates, not great pirates, even though 大 is explained as ‘great’ by literally anyone with a sliver of knowledge about Japanese.”

Get fucked lmao. Enjoy your generous serving of humble pie, wankers! :milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:

Don’t even care that the bounties make no sense whatsoever. This chapter gets 10/10 from me.
The WG is desperate to hide the Nika fruit yet they allow G5 to be the face of the new bounty poster?
Sukiyaki is Tengu man for the sake of a pointless M. Knight Shyamalan twist even though it makes literally no sense and creates more problems for the narrative than anything else?

Oda's writing is getting so dumb that I created an account solely to complain
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