What the best thing in the chap ?

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To find the All Blue!
Ahhhh feels so good to be vindicated.

Remember when I translated Garp’s speech about the yonko and the forum’s resident glue-sniffers refused to believe it?

“B-but Den Den! 大海賊 means strongest pirates, not great pirates, even though 大 is explained as ‘great’ by literally anyone with a sliver of knowledge about Japanese.”

Get fucked lmao. Enjoy your generous serving of humble pie, wankers!:milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:

Don’t even care that the bounties make no sense whatsoever. This chapter gets 10/10 from me.
Did you eat yours already, Mrs "Zoro cutting King's dragon got nothing to do with Ryuma parallel even if their panels look the same"?
:kata:the same mode katakuri ragdolled too easily once he got his CoO back
But Katakuri never physically matched Bound Man. At best he deflected his attacks. Now imagine the same Bound Man being ONE SHOT by base Kaido. People questioned top tier powers after rooftop but Greenbull demonstrated yet again what it truly means to be a top tier.

Katakuri said they - him included - cannot stop TANTRUM Big Mom. I believe his words.
Kidd Luffy Law having the same bounty is actually quite smart of the WG. The public don't know - and the WG don't want them to know - that Luffy is Nika, Joy Boy and a warrior last seen during the void century.

This way they cover up Luffys deeds just like they did when he beat Crocodile and Moriah in order to preserve the notoriety of the Schichibukai.

At the same time they can't cover it up totally this time because Apoo sent pictures to Morgan. Otherwise I'm sure they would have claimed that Kaido and Big Mom took each other out while secretly going after the trio without the public hearing about it.

But this way with equal bounties they att least make it seem like the trio took down the yonko and thus they cover up the return of Joy Boy.
If they wanna hide that Luffy is Nika , then why they use Luffy gear 5 as the bounty picture lol
No chance lol. No way.
Kizaru can't deal with Marco easily. Mihawk's slash was stopped by Jozu. Big Mom can't deal with Marco easily. Big Mom can't do anything when King came.

No way a single Top Tier no matter its Admiral or Yonko, can handle against 2 healthy commanders easily like that. Don't push your luck.
Marco and Jozu didn’t have any more than clashes with Kizaru and Aokiji. They never fought for an extended boughts.

We’ve literally been telling you guys for over a decade to not use Marineford feats that seriously cuz it would come back to haunt you.
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