What the best thing in the chap ?

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As much as some may be eager to write off Buggy becoming a Yonko devaluing the title, this is the most hardcore disrespect Oda has thrown towards the Yonko title.

This is objective proof that being a Yonko is not about concrete strength, but is solely about how much your name sends ignorant fodder around the world into hysteria. Being a Yonko is not about having the strength of a top tier, being a Yonko is about people perceiving you as strong even if your own strength does not match perception.

This is what I’ve been saying for 10+ years now online, perception =\= reality. Titles, “official” introductions, reputation, none of these mean shit in regards to your concrete strength and Buggy has proven that definitively. We now have a Yonko who is weaker than pre-timeskip villains, and it is because the Yonko title is not a legitimate title, it is a title that relies on mass ignorance to exist and this has always been the case in OP.

The title of Admiral on the other hand requires a certain strength level from the people who hold it, since the Marines actively measure and quantify the strength of their fighters through training and other concrete methods, not just bullshit mass hysteria and panic like the title of Yonko.
Bruh, I choked on air reading that fucking Buggy is an Emperor now. :doffytroll:
Today marks the beginning of Oda humiliating the Yonko, let all Chadmiral fans rejoice.
What is preventing Oda from humiliating Admirals too though? :afrokappa:

Regardless, Yankers are eating hard :holdthisl:s this past couple weeks.

Who could of predicted that after two back to back arcs spanning more than 230+ chapters that Yonko antagonists would only look pathetic by the end of it all. :rolaugh:
people built an entire headcanon/powerscaling system on yonkou and admirals and now that oda simply makes the most classic of his jokes they complain because this impacts on their fucking headcanon. Man i can’t understand this. In-universe, Buggy deserved the warlord title, because he participated in Marineford war, leading a bunch of lv. 6 prisoners, and run away from Akainu, saving Luffy. He even trash-talked with Shanks.
If Oda chose to make Buggy yonko, it must be because buggy (unintentionally) made something worth of the title
Exactly that.

Like when he was admired for talking back to Shanks or the God Usopp affair :risitavirus:
The supreme Future Sight since 2019!!! :milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:
Oh, how fiercely the opposition fought me on this one only to take an L...
Seems like teenager comics are too complicated for agendabois. :myman:

@Adamxero Wano ended, right? Dig your grave deeper! @Steven @BOCCHI @Buusatan94 Who else said it ended?
Of course I never believe wano ended sooner when the freaking admiral knocking your door.

Cause I want greenbull vs Rooftop 5 to happen :steef::steef::myman::kata:
Only OP got fans being happy Oda doesn't write good rivals for luffy
They accept troll decisions

It's really insane
Then the same ones say "OP sucks now..."
One Piece is one of my favorite manga but I will never dick suck Oda. If I don't like a decision I don't like it but I won't stop reading the manga over it. I'll rant a bit with people who share my opinion and move on.

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"the new bounties are shown" is very vague. There are not as many bounties shown as people might think.
Best part of the chapter not being bounties is vague.
GB being yoshio harada is speculation.
I would close the thread for vagueness.

Buggy being emperor is still correct, but that's about it. It's been known since friday, no need to open thread.
Dumb WG mods
don't lump me in this circus

Gol D. Roger

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Tbf those two have received a whole different level of hype and have existed since the beginning or pretty close to the beginning of the story.

Why was Kaidou so underwhelming, man…
Kaido was everything but underwhelming. The only underwhelming character in this arc is Big Mom... She's the only major character that didn't live up to her title.
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