What the best thing in the chap ?

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Bro why this doesn’t make sense to you? This trio worked together to take down the emperors.

If we assume that Kid and Law didn‘t take down Big Mom, she would help Kaido to beat Luffy‘s shit out of him 🤦🏻‍♂️
Everyone helped. Zoro and Killer could have bounties at 2 billion each.
Bro the same rooftop zoro sent kaido and big mom in panic mode.
‘’Big mom scream at kaido to dodge.

Rooftop zoro feats are so good that haters literally denying feats by claiming fanservice.
Yeah, but any Admiral would still spank current Zoro with little effort, let alone Rooftop Zoro. :hihihi:
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Greenbull is such a weak sauce he needs other people's energy to be relevant:suresure::suresure:

By the way I never said King > Greenbull.

Only in your copium dreams you saw that:gokulaugh:
GB hype is at the stars, i would have never believed he was able to neg diff two commanders… let’s wait for the chapter because king and queen were highly injured, but this is really interesting.
btw, i think spoilers still hide important info. There’s no way that king and queen won’t talk about kaido, just like there’s no way that hitetsu/sukiyaki wont add anything about the future of wano. I also expect to see a brief explanation of why Law, Kidd, and Luffy all have the same bounty, and why Buggy is an emperor.

Theory space: What if Wano is on Pluto, and not the contrary? i never understood the mechanism of closing/opening borders, and maybe this can be explained by the fact that they are automatised since wano is on a huge ship
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