What the best thing in the chap ?

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The bounties make it clear the WG doesn't care about specifics on how the battle went.
Zoro will get his bounty for being Luffy's vice-captain and 1B will be enough for that, Killer probably get's it aswell and to make it even more hilarious it's possible Bepo get's it also.
So Kid and Law gets a high bounty because they help defeat the Beast Pirates and Big Mom. But Zoro won't get a high bounty even though he helped defeat the Beast Pirates and Big Mom.

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I am not. I thought he directly overpowered them rather using hax. Haki negates hax and both the YCs don't have adv haki
1. We don't know how GB did it
2. King's haki was clashing with Zoro's just fine
3. Devil fruit powers still worked on haki users

Awful lot of assumptions against GB you're making
Again. Kings devil fruit, regardless of his Base gives him an entirely new set of Wings and a sword can easily be picked up again. King can still use his gimmick and Magma like flames.

Every time Kings wings got hyped it were those that he received from his fruit.

- Uses them to block Tatsumaki

- Overpowers Zoro's named attack and sends him flying

- Transforms to his hybrid to use the wind slashes stronger than even Kaido's demolition breath to send Zoro flying

King is a total beast
Let's see what condition they are in, apparently the fight is off screened.
I have been saying Aokiji and Kizaru were super casual in Marineford because Oda didn't want to humiliate WB pirates too hard for years. Add that to Garp and Sengoku doing jackshit
Maybe people will finally start listening and stop with the marine HQ + shichibukai = one emperor crew bozo shit. Balance has always has been 4 emperors = marine HQ + shichibukai , Garp said it in the very first chapter where the concept of yonkou was introduced.

Other than Sengoku and Garp doing next to nothing, my take on Marineford is vastly diffrent than yours. No worries. We all have our perspectives on a fictional piece.
I find it hilarious that reddit only gets mad at Oda when it comes to Kidd. Luffy's asspulling future sight? Peak. Nika asspull? Peak. King of Hell ACoC asspull? Peak. Muh cyborg genes? Peak. Kidd does anything? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT AN ASSPULL LODAAA!!! Kidd literally lives rent free inside all of OP fans, even the most causal ones and those who dickride the series the most. It's fucking hilarious
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