What the best thing in the chap ?

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King losing, 2v1 with help from Queen, against Greenbull doesn't take away his achievements. Just means Greenbull is that powerful and boss.

I still hope Greenbull restores Wano with his fruit. Beating King and Queen is hype but I hope he does even more impressive stuff from here on out. The Admirals are always the best, super interesting and cool abilities.

Hopefully Buggy has some new strong crewmates, atleast then him being an Emperor will be more interesting. Kid and Law might have not been Emperors but 3 billion bounties is more than I could've hoped for. I was kinda disappointed that Luffy's was only 3 billion but he'll gain more infamy and surpass the older Yonko soon enough.

Can't wait for the other bounties.
This confirms Kidd and Law >> Zoro

Well, let's assume Big Mom is ≈ Greenbull

Greenbull easily shotted King and Queen

Zoro had hard time against King.

Law and Kid defeated someone on Greenbull's League together, while Greenbull easily defeated King and Queen.

Law and Kid together >=< Greenbull >>> King and Queen together

Zoro considers Queen a strong opponent since he didn't choice between him and King when he had to reach rooftop.

For Law and Kid to defeat Big Mom Means that they are individually tiers above King and Queen which puts them above Zoro, since Zoro Is at best only One tier above King.
King's hybrid was a let down though. People came up with such beastly fan art and Oda just takes his Zoan form wings and attaches it to Base which also kinda confirms that Zoan wings > Lunarian wings as Hybrid combines the strongest attributes overall.

Just a shower thought, what do ya think?
@MonsterKaido @Hanzo hattori @T.D.A
Imo it was good but underused

But a hybrid form with 4 wings would have been goated
I've literally been saying King is a swordsman and more, meaning he isn't confined to being a swordsman from the beginning. Have you been quoting me without actually reading what I am saying?
Thats not a pure swordsman. Queen is a swordsman and more. Big Mom is a swordsman and more. Fuji. Kizaru.

All these people are swordsman and more.....or people who are not pure swordsman.
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