What the best thing in the chap ?

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Pluton is in wano. I actually called it

Hint is everywhere
-Yamato is a battleship irl
-Yama-ou is king of underworld similar to enma. Kinda feels like king neptune to ancient weapon poseidon
-Wano is like thriller bark
(Kozuki ~ gekkou moria)
(has guardian dog cerberus while wano has komainu)
(Isolated ship island)
so Yamato is like Shiraoshi ? they might just call them the 3 ancient pussies
- Pluton = Yamato
- Poseidon = shiraoshi
- Uranos = Vivi
And yet Queen knew he would have been defeated against someone who wasn't at full strength had he gotten back up.
retard, Queen was more nerfed than Big Mom
  • just used his head (literally)
  • no limbs/swords
  • no hybrid
  • no brachiosnake
  • no haki
  • no technology
  • no poison
  • no invisibility
  • no eye lasers
  • no lightning
  • no winch
Queen literally fought Big Mom with just his head and hold back 99% of his power and still one shotted her
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