What the best thing in the chap ?

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King is harder to damage than Kaido.

And can survive in any natural environment.

River of magma is a natural environment.

Kaido and Big Mom might both be dead because of the magma.

Yonkos are taking L now. Oda handing out L left and right.
What? What the hell? King's defense is tricky my friend just like barthomolow barrier
If you know the trick attack like bird dance can cut him
retard, Queen was more nerfed than Big Mom
  • just used his head (literally)
  • no limbs/swords
  • no hybrid
  • no brachiosnake
  • no haki
  • no technology
  • no poison
  • no invisibility
  • no eye lasers
  • no lightning
  • no winch
Queen literally fought Big Mom with just his head and hold back 99% of his power and still one shotted her
Lmaooo queen is fucking trash
Zoro nerfed him like crazy so sanji with his germa sperm and 100 power ups can extreme him

queen without his plague gun is a fodder
Ara(荒) in Japanese can mean rough, rude or wild (my wild justice theory could be true, fingers crossed), while Maki(牧) can mean shepherd, pasture or feed. So I think his name may allude to his volatile nature, to be both tranquil like nature but also wild like a bull.
Before I forgot, I gotta admit to @rerere and @Steven that you both are right about Zoro's bounty. Now that Kidd and Law got 3 billion each, Zoro having 1.620 billion is no longer impossible. Congrats! :cheers:

Heck, even 1.720 billion is longer impossible for him. :myman:
To be honest, I think the range is between 1,520,000,000 and 1,690,000,000 but still, wouldn't be surprised if he gets 1,720,000,000

But in that case I expect 1,400,000,000 for Killer
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