What the best thing in the chap ?

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Way too high for Killer, would understand that if after roofpiece he went down to fight a Calamity or another YC level character could have worked even Smoothie. But he took out Hawkins.

I am not even sure Zoro will be that high, going from 300 mil to over 1,5 bilion like that, let alone Killer.
I was simply adjusting it to such high bump on Zoro's part (+1,4B, if he goes 1,72B)

But my most convinced prediction is still the following:
- 1,520,000,000 for Zoro
- 1,313,000,000 for Killer
Cause they'll be proportionate to the Captains, with Zoro having that edge cause officially defeated a 1,390,000,000 man, while Killer didn't and will stay a little below that

Do you think its to unreslistic?

Robin is waiting for your boy Killer in my thread, another month and his tier will be fixed forever as identical to the Mid Trio's one:blush:
ClownTeo or Jaclown
Which one do you prefer? :catpole:
It is pointless but I have to say. Nothing makes senses.

The 3 have equal bounties but only 1 is Yonko.
If they have equal bounties that means Luffy didn't won 1v1 since his bounty would be higher than Kaido.

Oda is basically setting up high bounties to non Yonko pirates as well. We can expect Benn Beckman and Dragon bounties coming soon. Maybe Shichibukai will be huge if they escape from SSG.

King and Queen were unconscious till now? They are dead now? Why Oda keeps doing that shit?
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