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And to me bounty is actually justified. in the eyes of cp0 agent he saw those three working together against yonkou and later on kidd and law takes on bigmam whereas kaido takes on luffy beats him twice and kill him too, beat yamato, and gets damaged by momo bite and gear 5 awakening which lead to luffy victory, basically luffy just screwed everything out from him to beat kaido and luffy didn't woke up for 7 days where's law and kidd didn't go out in the first place , and were stationed at harbour since 7 days barely have any injuries at the same time. i would say equal bounty is very justified, and kaido already said haki tops it all in the end no matter how strong the devil fruit.
So let's work through this.

+ Same bounty as the other two so Luffy doesn't look like a monster.

- Emperor status so he stands out

+ Presumably the same nickname, not called the world's strongest creature, Nika, or Joyboy

- updated picture so that people figure out his greater power
IMO,misunderstanding with buggy's power is ok upto a point. But having him declared as emperor is similar to Nami being stronger than luffy, zoro and sanji combined.

Comic element should not interfere with story as a whole.
yep i agree with that but i always has this thought why would buggy became very weak because he and shanks fought WB pirates and other pirates. I think shanks and buggy are considerably stronger than normal ones. But buggy losing to luffy at the start of series is till not feasible after we learned of his journey on rogers ship.
Luffy vs Akainu, Aokiji, Kizaru

Kid, Law vs Greenbull, Fujitora

Zoro vs Mihawk, Samurai Ghandhi

Yamato vs CP0 strongest

Dragon, Sabo vs Garp, Sengoku

Sanji vs Vegapank

Jinbei, Robin vs Momosagi, Chaton

Smoker, Coby, Killer, X drake vs Gorosei

Shanks vs Imu

Franky vs leader of the SSG

Monster Point Chopper vs Sentomaru

Nami vs Tashigi

Brook vs Momonga

Momonosuke vs Onigumou
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And there we go.

We now know the ship that Momo and therefore Yamao will be travelling on post Wano. Momo's been prophesied to bring in the dawn of the world. He sure ain't changing anything by just keeping his ass locked up in Wano.

Pluton is the world's greatest battleship. With it residing in Wano, it's only natural for Wano's leader to be the one to take it into battle. And with Sukiyaki confirmed still alive, that leaves a former shogun along with Hiyori to help maintain Wano's wellbeing in Momo's absence.

"Yamato" is the name of the then greatest battleship that defended Japan in WWII. Now Yamao will ride on Pluton along with Momo to fight for Wano and support him in bringing the dawn. Can imagine the ships crew being composed of samurai, Tama's gifters and former BP led by Yamao.
wanna cope more dizzy?? xD
Dude wtf… respect to these who read this full 🤦🏻‍♂️
you should give it a read, its very educational. i posted this in another thread but nobody wanted to read it. Now this chapter comes along and every battle junky and power scaler loses their collective minds of why Buggy and Luffy became yonko but not Kidd and Law.

My post explains why.
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