What the best thing in the chap ?

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Im a big lore Fan but this Feels so fucked up know :crazwhat:
I mean an ancient weapon like pluton, supposed to be an battleship is nothing you can hide that easy under an yonkos nose:pepeanger:
Brother, me too
But its okay, not like we can do anything lmao

Ending of Wano I just wanted a few things, all bounties (+ warlords), world news, sword lore, zoro backstory

The fact we got Pluton stuff is crazy :crazwhat:
But tbh, lets be real, I dont think this is gonna go anywhere.
Like the fishman island joyboy stuff wasnt relevant til now, like 400 chapters later.
And its not like pluton is physically there
And there we go.

We now know the ship that Momo and therefore Yamao will be travelling on post Wano. Momo's been prophesied to bring in the dawn of the world. He sure ain't changing anything by just keeping his ass locked up in Wano.

Pluton is the world's greatest battleship. With it residing in Wano, it's only natural for Wano's leader to be the one to take it into battle. And with Sukiyaki confirmed still alive, that leaves a former shogun along with Hiyori to help maintain Wano's wellbeing in Momo's absence.

"Yamato" is the name of the then greatest battleship that defended Japan in WWII. Now Yamao will ride on Pluton along with Momo to fight for Wano and support him in bringing the dawn. Can imagine the ships crew being composed of samurai, Tama's gifters and former BP led by Yamao.
So let's work through this.

+ Same bounty as the other two so Luffy doesn't look like a monster.

- Emperor status so he stands out

+ Presumably the same nickname, not called the world's strongest creature, Nika, or Joyboy

- updated picture so that people figure out his greater power
I already know what pictures they'll use for Zoro and Judge's son. Can you guess them? :suresure:
Man so many people are mad that Buggy is now officially a yonko.

I'm not saying that Oda giving Buggy the Yonko seat was a good decision, but do people forget what it actually means to be a yonko?

You don't need just strength and feats alone to be one. Most importantly you need INFLUENCE. I've talked about this in other threads but the whole concept of the yonko are pirates having their own spheres of influence independent of the World Government.

If just having strength was enough to be a yonko, then mihawk would've become a yonko long before he became a warlord.

I'm just gonna copy and paste what i wrote in another thread here for people to see:

The replies to this thread leave me honestly a bit baffled.

As i understand it, the Yonkou ('yon' being 4, 'kou' being emperor) were just the four strongest pirate captains and their crews after Roger's era, AKA after Gol D Roger's execution and the disbanding of the Roger Pirates. After Roger, Whitebeard was the next strongest active pirate, along with his crew the Whitebeard Pirates. But Whitebeard wasn't the only pirate strong and influential enough roaming around to just call all the shots, there was also Shanks, Kaido and Big Mom. Maybe not as famous as Whitebeard who was Roger's rival, but still strong and powerful enough to matter in the new race for Pirate King and the One Piece.

Even after Kaido and Big Mom's fall on Wano, there is still Shanks and Blackbeard. When Whitebeard died and Blackbeard took his throne and replaced him as a Emperor, none of the other 3 yonko lost their titles then, so why would Shanks and Blackbeard lose their titles now just because of Big Mom and Kaido's fall?

The Yonko system is different from the Warlord system imo, in that it's not mandated and created by the World Government. Similar to how the Worst Generation label still stuck to the Eleven Supernovas introduced on Saboady even after its members had changed a little after the time skip with them all going in their own directions (i.e Law became a Warlord, Bege joined Big Mom etc.), the Yonko system didn't disappear after Whitebeard's death.

I think both Teach and Shanks will still have their Yonko titles after Wano if nothing happens to them. Kaido and Big Mom will obviously lose theirs seeing how they're already defeated in Wano.

Kaido is definitely losing his title as both his crew the Beast Pirates will have fallen and his territory Wano will be returned to the Kozuki's.

There were theories that Big might reappear in Elbaph for a final showdown of the Big Mom Pirates and the Straw Hat Pirates, but with Big Mom falling into the lava with Kaido, i think her importance to the story ends here.

Luffy might become a new Yonkou by taking Kaido's seat, along with his former territory Wano under his protection, as well as gaining allies like the samurais of Wano-Luffy will be more than worthy to replace Kaido and attain the new title of an Emperor of the Sea. After Wano, Fishman Island would declare them to be under Luffy's protection, so Luffy becoming a new emperor should be assured. There's also no telling what Bartolomeo is doing behind the scenes with trying to acquire territory for Luffy (in the cover pages he tried to take one of Shanks territories for Luffy lmfao).

Kidd and Law i'm still uncertain as they neither have any notable territories or a strong crew to back them up. Kidd is a little better than Law i guess as he has one hideout in the New World and a strong crewmember in Killer who is also a member of the Worst Generation. Law has has neither strong crew members or territories so i think he's out of the question for now unless Oda decides to give something to Law like Big Mom's former territories or have Ulti and Page One join his crew after Wano.

If this is the end of Big Mom, Katakuri might take her place as a new emperor still residing in WCI. But if Katakuri can't hold it and he loses it to say Teach or one of the Supernovas like Kidd, then i think the Big Mom Pirates will be done too.

Keep in mind that Teach didn't immediately become a Emperor right after Marineford and Whitebeard's death, but only after winning against Marco and the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates in the Payback War and taking all of pop's former territories, with Marco retreating to Whitebeard's home village of Sphinx. Add to the fact that the Whitebeard Pirates also lost their allied crews after they all got hunted down and defeated by Weevil. That was when the Whitebeard Pirates truly lost their Yonko status and were no longer recognized as one because they had lost their captain, allies AND their territories. Before their defeat in the Payback War, the Gorosei were still considering Marco as the few people who might be able to match Teach, indicating that the Whitebeard Pirates still had influence as a yonko crew despite losing their captain.

So to sum it up:

1. The Yonko system altogether won't fall unless all of them fall at the same time, which is not going to be the case as Shanks and Blackbeard are still standing.

2. The Beast Pirates will no longer be considered a Yonko crew as their main members were defeated and their territories of Wano and Onigashima will also be lost as they will be returned to the citizens of Wano and back under the rule of the Kozuki's. All of their other underlings and scrubs joined the alliances side when they ate Tamao's Kibi Dango, or surrendered after Yamato told them to last chapter. Kaido falling into the lava pool along with big mom after being defeated by Luffy also suggests that this is the end for Kaido and he's never recovering back.

3. Luffy being the one to deliver the final blow to Kaido and also fighting Kaido alone for long periods of time (as opposed to Kidd and Law who teamed up together to defeat Big Mom), will take Kaido's place as the new Emperor of the Sea. And if those feats alone don't warrant Luffy becoming Yonko, his strong crew (keep in mind the Calamites and Topi Roppo were mostly taken out by the Monster Trio and the rest of the Straw Hat crew, the Kidd and Heart Pirates didn't really contribute much if you don't include their captains), his grand fleet, and his possible territories and allies of Fishman Island, Wano and whatever islands Bart stole from Shanks will more than make up for it.

4. If the Big Mom Pirates can keep their territories and avoid the fate that befell the Whitebeard Pirates, they might still maintain their emperor crew status as they still control WCI and Tottoland, Smoothie is still standing, Katakuri isn't dead and the majority of the Big Mom Pirates are still alive and intact. But they lost their captain Big Mom and Perospero in Wano, dealing the BMP a big blow. If Teach or Kidd invades Tottoland and Katakuri and the rest of the BMP are defeated or driven out of WCI and lose their territories of Tottoland, then the Big Mom Pirates will lose their status as a Yonko crew too.

5. Kidd might have a chance to become a Yonko by invading and taking over Tottoland, defeating Katakuri and the BMP, unless Teach gets to it first before Kidd. He already went after Big Mom before, so he might choose to finish the job as the biggest credit and rewards of Wano is already going to Luffy.

6. Law won't become a Yonko as he has neither the strong crew, nor Yonko territories available for his taking (i don't think Law is going to compete with Kidd in taking Big Mom's territories). Law will most likely end up like Mihawk, a super strong individual with a subpar crew and no territories.

*I think Oda's idea of the Yonko System is this: a strong pirate captain, who also has a strong crew, allies and protected territories. Yonkos protect territories and countries in the world who have no protection from the Marines because they aren't apart of the WG nations (most likely because they can't pay the heavenly tributes to be a member). Some Yonkos do it out of kindness and ask nothing in return like Whitebeard with Fishman Island, while others see it as transactional and demand payment, like Big Mom with Fishman Island. You also have the likes of Kaido who drives the citizens of Wano (the land he rules over) like slaves. No matter their ways of doing it, what's important is the influence that they get out of it. As having territories that you can regularly demand payment and extract riches from is far more efficient than going on robbing and pillaging islands. This is what separates a Emperor from your average scallywag pirate. They are called 'Emperors' because they carve out and control their own little empires. But in order to have a empire, a pirate must be able to have the strength to protect it and defend it from other pirates, hence why the Yonkos all have strong members and large crews.

Additionally, weaker crews in the New World who can't survive on their own can join a yonko's crew and be under their protection and umbrella. In return the yonko crew get more manpower and allies to help exert their influence, protect their territories or do their dirty work.

^ So if you have read all this, then you should now understand why Luffy and Buggy are yonko and not Kidd or Law.

As for the case for Buggy, i think the reason he was given the yonko position is because Buggy may have gotten a monoploy on the underground black market after Doflamingo's fall. Add in the fact that buggy should have a strong crew as he got all the former Impel Down level prisoners' like Teach did, escaped capture from a buster call and vice admirals, has his own territory of Empty Bluffs Island and was also a part of roger's crew and has ties to Shanks.

Kidd and Law are more like Mihawk at this point, incredibly strong individuals with feats, but with nothing much else to their name.

Looks like i was also right in saying that the Yonko system won't be gone like the warlord system just because Kaido and Big Mom fall (like so many people predicted) as unlike with the Shichibukai, the Yonkos are not mandated by the World Government or Marines.

Hope my explanation clears everything up for anybody still confused.


This. The thing is that people use Japanese terms for words like emperor and warlord and people fail to understand what they actually mean.
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