What the best thing in the chap ?

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👑𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓟𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓽𝓮 𝓠𝓾𝓮𝓮𝓷👑
And there we go.

We now know the ship that Momo and therefore Yamao will be travelling on post Wano. Momo's been prophesied to bring in the dawn of the world. He sure ain't changing anything by just keeping his ass locked up in Wano.

Pluton is the world's greatest battleship. With it residing in Wano, it's only natural for Wano's leader to be the one to take it into battle. And with Sukiyaki confirmed still alive, that leaves a former shogun along with Hiyori to help maintain Wano's wellbeing in Momo's absence.

"Yamato" is the name of the then greatest battleship that defended Japan in WWII. Now Yamao will ride on Pluton along with Momo to fight for Wano and support him in bringing the dawn. Can imagine the ships crew being composed of samurai, Tama's gifters and former BP led by Yamao.
People are still coping about this? :gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh:

When Doflamingo talks about the revos best fighters, Ivankov and Morley are shown lol.

They are both level 5 prisoners tier
dude then crocodile is in lvl6. Just what kind of smoke did WG take for them to place him in lvl6. Don't tell me he is YC . Also BB took half his crew from lvl6 . Don't tell me all of them are are YC.
GB probably took advantage on half dead king and queen. And here people wank the admirals. If it were so easy to low diff YCs, sengok wouldn't have assembled the entire hakiing universe to face the WBPs.

Leakers just want to make the threads explode before the 1 month break :seriously:
Luffy vs Akainu, Aokiji, Kizaru

Kid, Law vs Greenbull, Fujitora

Zoro vs Mihawk, Samurai Ghandhi

Yamato vs CP0 strongest

Dragon, Sabo vs Garp, Sengoku

Sanji vs Vegapank

Jinbei, Robin vs Momosagi, Chaton

Smoker, Coby, Killer, X drake vs Gorosei

Shanks vs Imu

Franky vs leader of the SSG

Monster Point Chopper vs Sentomaru

Nami vs Tashigi

Brook vs Momonga
shanks dead soon so idk why he's there
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