What the best thing in the chap ?

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anyway, did GB defeat king\queen while they are vulnerable or there is fight happened between them, are they still
injured from last fight, they are zoan they should be recovered it's been a whole week
I hope Kid does some really impressive stuff in the final arc/saga. Man had the hugest jump in bounty we've seen (I think), from 470 million to 3 billion. The guy 2v1'd a Yonko with Law. Hopefully he gets some interesting fights as the series progresses. I like the dude and honestly after all the slander, I'm happy the dude got a 3 billion berrie bounty. Law obviously also deserved a huge bounty and his feats speak for themselves.

Similar to Luffy and Law sharing the accomplishment and having the same bounty after Dressrosa, the 3 Captains doing the most for the alliance are the ones sharing the accomplishment for Wano. 2 Yonkos went down so the government gave them all huge bounties. I care more about the Marines and World Governments' methods to take out Luffy from here on out than just the bounties they give since they acknowledged that due to them being unable to cover up the downfall of 2 Yonko, they're giving out bounties accordingly based on that.

Luffy will keep on heading up, plus he's an Emperor now so it's not too bad that he doesn't have a higher bounty than the others (obviously this is also me coping with the fact the man didn't get 4 or 5 billion). What matters to me is what attempts the government make to hinder him and trusting that one CP0 dude to get Robin seems iffy. Atleast Aramaki's around.
--Buggy being a yonko is bad

--Luffy having same bounty as mid is restarted

--3B for luffy is bad

3 bad decisions by oda:seriously:

I will act as I didn't see them:josad:
They're all good. Buggy has strongest portrayal of any yonko vs the most admirals (takes 0 damage from all of them, admirals < buggy). Kid law and Luffy did the same amount of effort. They don't want to give Luffy a bigger bounty because they want to keep Nika secret. Makes sense all around
To talk about something else, imo Luffy having "only" 3b is because Oda does not want him to officially "surpass" Shanks yet.
One could argue Luffy accomplished something bigger than Shanks ever did by beating taking Kaido but I don't think Oda sees it as a powerscaling thing.
I think the biggest problem with Buggy info, is the fact that none of us have a clue what happened after Chapter 956 - i don't think Oda exalted our Clown for nothing.

I also wanted to draw attention to the fact that the last known Big Mom bounty before becoming Yanko was 500 million - so the case of Kid and Law is not something new/crazy.


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The damage he took does matter, he was only able to fight through the pain for so long before it caught up to him, king and queen weren't as wounded as him and they both have a healing factor unlike luffy
Luffy is a Zoan too just so we're clear. He has this healing factor too although it's true he took more damage than them.
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