What the best thing in the chap ?

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Those bounties make no sense whatsoever.

Luffy starts at 1.5 billion, the other two at 500 million.

Those two barely manage to push BM off Onigashima in a 2 vs 1, not even knock her out/defeat her with their own powers btw.

Luffy convincingly defeats Kaido in a 1 vs 1, while awakening his God DF that the WG was afraid of for 900 years.

"Yeah, all of them 3 billion"

And why tf is Luffy emperor then and the other two not?

Oda lost it.
No your headcanon lost it

Law and kid convincingly defeat Big mom. That’s your problem you guys don’t want to admit

She’s defeated and so is Kaido
King losing, 2v1 with help from Queen, against Greenbull doesn't take away his achievements. Just means Greenbull is that powerful and boss.

I still hope Greenbull restores Wano with his fruit. Beating King and Queen is hype but I hope he does even more impressive stuff from here on out. The Admirals are always the best, super interesting and cool abilities.

Hopefully Buggy has some new strong crewmates, atleast then him being an Emperor will be more interesting. Kid and Law might have not been Emperors but 3 billion bounties is more than I could've hoped for. I was kinda disappointed that Luffy's was only 3 billion but he'll gain more infamy and surpass the older Yonko soon enough.

Can't wait for the other bounties.
Why are we assuming that King and Queen fought Greenbull? We know that Luffy and Zoro took a week to finally become conscious with medical health. Meanwhile King and Queen landed in random spots of Wano, getting no aid from anyone. And don't use the zoan excuse. Luffy has a much better zoan fruit, but inspite of this and medical help still took a week to regain consciousness. He could of absorbed then Cell style while they were unsconscious as the spoilers never stated neither of the YCs condition when Greenbull consumed them.

Gol D. Roger

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The closest thing he has to a healing factor is his ability to jump-start his heart when he's awakened, other than that I don't think he ever showed the ability to recover from wounds way faster than he normally would
Quick recovery is one of the most basic traits of a Zoan. He's been a Zoan since day one. Luffy has an abnormally high recovery rate, which is partly because of his fruit.
To talk about something else, imo Luffy having "only" 3b is because Oda does not want him to officially "surpass" Shanks yet.
One could argue Luffy accomplished something bigger than Shanks ever did by beating taking Kaido but I don't think Oda sees it as a powerscaling thing.
It’s not a power scale thing as kaido admitted luffy can beat him. Maybe the WG just doesn’t want the world to know the threat he possess. Anyways this will all be over if buggy gets a higher bounty then him
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