What the best thing in the chap ?

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Quick recovery is one of the most basic traits of a Zoan. He's been a Zoan since day one. Luffy has an abnormally high recovery rate, which is partly because of his fruit.
I guess that true but he does need to eat to recover quickly, we saw queen heal a huge wound left by Marco's attack, I don't remember luffy ever being able to regenerate wounds mid battle
dude then crocodile is in lvl6. Just what kind of smoke did WG take for them to place him in lvl6. Don't tell me he is YC . Also BB took half his crew from lvl6 . Don't tell me all of them are are YC.

I don't think BBs crew were yc level coming out of ID. We know for a fact that they didn't reach their peak.

Chances are Ivankov is around as strong as...

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