What the best thing in the chap ?

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GB probably took advantage on half dead king and queen. And here people wank the admirals. If it were so easy to low diff YCs, sengok wouldn't have assembled the entire hakiing universe to face the WBPs.

Leakers just want to make the threads explode before the 1 month break :seriously:
People here say the marines were showing off their power shortly before declining a fight with a one armed man who brought 100 men

Gol D. Roger

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I guess that true but he does need to eat to recover quickly, we saw queen heal a huge wound left by Marco's attack, I don't remember luffy ever being able to regenerate wounds mid battle
There is a limit to what Zoan's can heal from too. I think we've seen Luffy recover from scratches and such plenty of times. Doffy for example stabbed him multiple times and cut him with 5 colored strings and Over Heat but none of these scratches remained with him. Not to mention, Katakuri literally left a hole in his body and it healed rather quickly. Also, Luffy took more damage than Lucci during EL but he recovered quicker than Lucci.
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