What the best thing in the chap ?

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Buggy being a Yonko is unironic peak, don't be an edgelord
I don't agree. A punchline without a setup isn't a good joke. Even after the Summit War of Marineford, when Buggy was declared a Warlord, we saw how that has came to be throughout the war itself. Here? There was no such thing to explain how Buggy jumped from a Warlord to a Yonko.
Those bounties make no sense whatsoever.

Luffy starts at 1.5 billion, the other two at 500 million.

Those two barely manage to push BM off Onigashima in a 2 vs 1, not even knock her out/defeat her with their own powers btw.

Luffy convincingly defeats Kaido in a 1 vs 1, while awakening his God DF that the WG was afraid of for 900 years.

"Yeah, all of them 3 billion"

And why tf is Luffy emperor then and the other two not?

Oda lost it.
luffy has influence and fleet. Just because having bounty doesn't mean one can necome yonko. Buggy also have so many underlings during timeskip and they must have done something incredable for WG to give him the title of yonko.
GB probably took advantage on half dead king and queen. And here people wank the admirals. If it were so easy to low diff YCs, sengok wouldn't have assembled the entire hakiing universe to face the WBPs.

Leakers just want to make the threads explode before the 1 month break :seriously:
It has been 7 days and they are both zoans, and King is a Lunarian on top of that
??? He took 2 ACOC hits from Zoro without fire on lmfao, he also took a Rooftop Zoro Ultra tiger hunt to the dome in hybrid and it didn't leave a mark.

His durability is good without it and his endurance is above average, and again IDK how you can call the ability to always have durability >> Kaido's as a trick
zoro ap is overrated

Shiryu will be able to withstand Zoro's attacks, I'm warning you in 2022
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