What the best thing in the chap ?

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I don't agree. A punchline without a setup isn't a good joke. Even after the Summit War of Marineford, when Buggy was declared a Warlord, we saw how that has came to be throughout the war itself. Here? There was no such thing to explain how Buggy jumped from a Warlord to a Yonko.
The setup was the Marines going after the Warlords. Buggy did something that we don't know, yet, that made the marines shit themselves and declare him an emperor. We'll find out later, probably soon
Tossed to the side like a fodder lmao. King literally doesn't even have a scratch
True only took
  1. Him flying in from sphinx island
  2. To automatically clash with big mom
  3. To use his flames on the whole live floor
  4. Protect the live floor in general
  5. To then fight and overwhelm both king and queen having both of them shake in fear of becoming attacked
For marco to get exhausted enough to tap out
Just to get up again to protect zoro and sanji then fly izo around

Thats it tho
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