What the best thing in the chap ?

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Cutty Jewboy

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Some greatest hits from our resident whiny little pussy @dizzy2341 and what happened after he bitched about them:

“Yamao isn’t joining the crew, here’s a dozen disingenuous arguments as to why”
Every argument is summarily disproven in the canon, as if Oda himself hates the dumb cunt

“I’ll leave this forum when Wano ends”
The arc is virtually over, and yet, he still comes here to discuss something he hates with people who despise him

“I could have been a mod”
Even today, I see several members of the administration publicly making fun of him, and most of the rest have intimated they also think he’s a useless cock :cheers:
Why are we assuming that King and Queen fought Greenbull? We know that Luffy and Zoro took a week to finally become conscious with medical health. Meanwhile King and Queen landed in random spots of Wano, getting no aid from anyone. And don't use the zoan excuse. Luffy has a much better zoan fruit, but inspite of this and medical help still took a week to regain consciousness. He could of absorbed then Cell style while they were unsconscious as the spoilers never stated neither of the YCs condition when Greenbull consumed them.
Guess we'll find out soon enough. Not really sure the point of him absorbing dudes that were still unconscious after a whole week but we'll see. I mean, Luffy and Zoro took much stronger attacks than King or Queen so I don't really need to bring up the zoan thing. Regardless, we'll find out soon enough, maybe he didn't fight them and just saw two Calamities unconscious and absorbed them.
Are you fuckin retarded or something 1.5 B bounty is of WCI he didn't even exist in that arc. that's no bounty raise for him there.

dressrosa arc he got luffy got 500 mil and 0.6 of it is 300 or you can say 0.4 is 200M which got added to his 120M got him 320M.

eniess lobby luffy got 300M, 0.4 of it is 120,000,000 bounty which zoro got either way.

and zoro first bounty was 60M, 0.6 of 100m.

these are the occasion where both luffy and zoro got bounty raise. why you an absolute retard think someone will get a bounty if he was not in the arc in the first place.
He's a big retard

Ignore him
I too believe Sanji will fight GB tbh, but some of them are willing to ignore Queen's defeat to celebrate King's downfall. Zoro guys are at least trying to save King despite knowing he too has a chance at being GB's opponent.
Kidd and Law will have to fight someone in the final arc too

Along with Sabo, Dragon, Iva, Commanders
There is a limit to what Zoan's can heal from too. I think we've seen Luffy recover from scratches and such plenty of times. Doffy for example stabbed him multiple times and cut him with 5 colored strings and Over Heat but none of these scratches remained with him. Not to mention, Katakuri literally left a hole in his body and it healed rather quickly. Also, Luffy took more damage than Lucci during EL but he recovered quicker than Lucci.
He didn't really recover, those wounds were still on him he even got scars from past battles, ancient zoans can't get scarred, ulti got a hole through her stomach yet somehow survived and completely healed atleast on the outside
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