What the best thing in the chap ?

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King and Queen must be in good condition

Theres no way Queen didn't got sent to the moon by Sanji

He clearly walked all the way back to Wano by himself (god knows how)

But King wasn't sent that far away tho, he basically just fell off Onigashima
You're right. He's a mythical zoan, which is much better for Luffy. I don't see where in the story ancient zoans have a better healing factor than other zoans, and the damage they sustained was still enough to knock them out. They also lost a limb each, and King loat his sword, hindering their fighting capability, and the Beast Commanders recieved absolutely no medical attention and fallen great distances from Onigashima to Wano.
They're definitely in poor condition but King only lost an extra wing though.
All three of them were there, make of it what you will all I know is they had 4 ships, two of them were destroyed abd Fuji/Sengoku/Tsuru lineup couldn't protect them
The vivre card states Tsuru and Fujitora fought Jack
Tsuru is more of a tactician than a combattant
And characters in One Piece do stupid things for the sake of it
A Zboi coping is still a better look than a Zoro hater, who can't write two lines of coherent argument, thinking he looks cool when he mocks people.
How could they better if they been keep defending and believing on the most biggest lie in OP (ZKK) while mocks ppl then spitting another biggest lie and mock ppl LMFAO. There is so much missdirection here.
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