What the best thing in the chap ?

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the internal deatruction is next level thing. But the normal one is just what sentomaru and mariegold have.
Next level is subjective
Its a different application

I think zoro winning Ryou tug of war against enma constantly forcefully regulating the flow of his Haki despite enma doing the opposite while Zoro is fighting is a lot more advanced than Luffy simply pouring his haki into his opponents
With mysteries there are actually interesting conversations to be had and they are deeply tied to the story. So yes I'd say it's much worse. It's the lowest level of engagement with the actual story you can have
You can also have interesting conversations about power differences between characters since power is also deeply tied to a fighting shonen where all the conflicts are resolved through fisticuff. It's senseless to think that powerscaling wouldn't be a major, if not outright primary, reason people read a story that targeted to teen boys that the main character always solves the major conflicts with his fists.

I'd say that powerscaling should take precedent over mystery bait as it's more than just theorizing shit that may or may not happen based on the writer's whims. At least with powerscaling you can point out potential writing flaws on the discrepancies between character's showings if they're inconsistent.
Didn't read, post AdCoC Zoro vs King or shut the fuck up.:kobeha:
Doesnt mean shit.luffy and kaido tanking like hundreds hits imbued with adv coc and adv coa haki with sheer of brutal strength of MYTHICAL ZOAN power while king just tanking 2 then get KOed while zoro also get KOEd after that lol.

Sanji do 100 times better than him mid diffing queen WITHOUT raid suit lol and just solely depend of his inner power unlike zoLo who needs "magical" tools to Extreme diff king
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