What the best thing in the chap ?

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3 b is bounty number not strength dumbass..and you wrote that they are equal in strength. If bounty represent strength then how dafuq 1.5 b luffy beat 4.7 b kaido?LOL.bounty always mean threat.

kid luffy and kidd are equal in alliance and they share same position as leaders of alliance whom responsible for beating 2 yonkou.

Just give me a little crack that you smoke.

Zoro and sanji are always potrayed as equal lmfao.even oda emphasized them as wing of luffy and sanji always beat his enemy easier than zoro eventho his enemy are always close in powerlevel to zoro enemy.if one wing bigger than another then luffy couldnt even "fly" properly lol

Sanji doesnt even need raid suit or any tool nor extrnal powerup and mid diffing queen without suffer any significant injury lmao. While zoro get extreme diffed and unconcious for week LOL
Luffytards are really the worst holy shit lol
Can your post get any dumber ?
lol you are really zoro tard aren't you?. Luffy simply pouring haki into his opponents. That is hard as f**k. He is doing internal destruction. Not just simply pouring haki. Normal ryou will be like what sentomaru and mariegold did and this is another level. Only some of top tiers to do like this. Zoro is not doing anything advanced. He is just regulating haki. while i agree with enma doing opposite . Zoro only tried to control it during king's fight. After realiseing that is not the way. He just allowed enma to freely suck his haki.
Eh I doubt its nearly as hard as taming Enma.

I think if Luffy tried to touch Enma he would die since his Haki reserves are no where near Zoros level also his internal destruction was said to be very shallow while Zoros attacks were scaring kaido shit less.

Luffy has ways to go before his CoA is anywhere near Zoros level.

Nothing to do with zorotard Luffytard.

Luffy will get there at EoS but he's not there yet.
What is this "hax" shit lmao?
Is that the new cope mechanism?

So using your fruit ability ain't allowed anymore only Yonkou are allowed right?

I still wait for Admiral =YC3 to be confirmed
You don't know what hax is? Beating someone by sucking out the nutrients of their body definitely qualifies for that.

How is it cope, I'm not denying that Ryokugyu beat them, it's certainly impressive, but context also matters.

I never said Admirals = YC3? Seems like you're the one coping.
It’s so early in the story and it’s been so long that I don’t blame ppl but the whole arlong park arc was an instant power up for luffy and zoro that was so far beyond what they were previously capable of. My point is every character in the story is gonna be as strong or as weak as Oda thinks they need to be for the story to progress the way he wants. Love it or hate it thats how he writes. :kayneshrug:
Fair enough. I guess because I'm just noticing these power incosistencies since WCI that it became a glaring issue.
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